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‘…the gem that is Pitlochry Station Bookshop’

Highland Perthshire News and Comment Feb. 2014

“…a fantastic second-hand book shop on Platform 1 of the station…”

The Guardian; Let's move to: Pitlochry

“Waiting for my train for London at Pitlochry train station, I popped into the Pitlochry Station Bookshop…It is a brilliant example of social entrepreneurship and creative response to an opportunity (ScotRail donate the premises to the enterprise as part of their ‘Adopt a Station’ scheme.)”

Honey and Cork Diaries

“…this is a genuine gem tucked into the perfect location. Pitlochry Station Bookshop has adapted the disused space in a way that creates a welcoming image and preserves a truly lovely old-fashioned train station…I managed to nab a quick browse and a cup of boiling hot coffee as Him Indoors and I waited for our train, and the selection did not disappoint.” 

She Rides a Blue Bicycle

“The real treasure of the station, however, is the second-hand charity bookshop housed in the main building.”

Dancing Beastie

“Reaching Pitlochry I decided to walk the main street to get an overview of the town. This was my first visit…The highlight was the second-hand bookshop in a part of Pitlochry Station.”

Leo du Feu, Landscape and Nature

“It was there that a secondhand book shop caught my fancy – on the railway station! How cunning is that for an idea? A lovely warm haven from the snell winds that whistle through these open stations. And what an Aladdin’s cave it proved to be with the books all carefully and methodically shelved, and a welcoming cosiness that just enveloped you from the outset.

Hazel McHaffie

What They Say About Us -

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