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Visit our unique bookshop at Pitlochry Station

Our customers donate their unwanted books and we sell them on, usually for £1 per volume. Our unique arrangements with ScotRail mean that every penny from our book sales goes straight to our six charities.

We're back to full-time opening

Our bright and spacious bookshop is ready for your visit

After fifteen months of Covid restrictions, we are returning to full-time opening on Tuesday 1st June.


We shall be open each day from Monday to Saturday between the hours of 9.00am and 4.30pm.


The following Covid regulations will apply:

  • Masks must be worn

  • Social distancing must be observed

  • No more than four people can be in the shop at any one time


There are some rules about book donations also:

  • Donations should go to our stock room which is just beyond the Bookshop on Platform One.

  • Books should be in bags, which allow us to follow quarantine rules, and only two bags per person (not bin liners or boxes, please) are accepted.

  • All books should be in good, clean condition but we can not accept Readers Digest, Encyclopedias, Bibles and magazines.


We look forward to seeing you soon. The Bookshop is well stocked and changes during lockdown have made it even brighter and more spacious.

Total raised

for our charities since 2006:


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About Our Bookshop

  • The bookshop is open six days a week, from Monday to Saturday. Opening hours are from 9.00am until 4.30pm.

  • You will find us on Platform 1 at Pitlochry railway station.

  • People donate all kinds of books and we sell them on at low prices.

  • Most books sell at £1 each.

  • All the money raised is donated to our six charities.

  • The shop is run entirely by volunteers. No one is paid.

  • ScotRail generously gives our premises free.  

  • Our only expenses are electricity and insurance so our charities benefit from each book we sell.

  • Book donations are always needed.

  • Our customers come from all over Britain and from all over the World.

Selling Books Online

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fishing books (2).jpg
Choose from our selection of books on salmon fishing.  See below.

When we were forced to close again because of Covid 19 restrictions, we had to think again about how we sell our books. So we set up new sites on social media (Twitter and Facebook) so that we could advertise books for sale. These have mainly been special books and collectors’ items, books that we might not have been able to sell in the bookshop.


Some of the books that were advertised in this way were bought locally – we have done deals on the station platform! Others have been posted out to buyers across the UK. We are also now selling books through the online retailer, eBay. Some of these books have been auctioned, including a 1st edition of the first Harry Potter novel. Others have been sold at a ‘buy-it-now’ price. If you’d like to find out more, follow us on Twitter or Facebook or check our eBay account.


You can also email us if you are looking for something special that you think we might have, or you’d like us to keep an eye out for you – We plan to carry on with the online selling after we open again – it all helps us raise money for our charities.

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Bookshop Founder Obituary

Priscilla Lorimer, founder of Pitlochry Station Bookshop, died on 17th November 2017, aged 91. Our photograph shows her on the right with Bobbie McGraw current Bookshop manager.

Click here to read Priscilla's obituary from The Scotsman newspaper.

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Read Our Story

The story of how a box of second-hand books quickly grew into an award-winning charity bookshop in a railway station, makes a fascinating read.

Click here for the complete version.


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